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Engine 16 Ladder 7

 1865                                          2021


Engine 16

       Was organized in the former quarters of volunteer Lexington Engine 7 at 223

East 25th Street on September 18, 1865.

THEY remained at that location until

moving in with Ladder 7 in their current house on August 6, 1968.  Engine 16  was a  double engine company,  with two separate sections, from 1883 to 1939.  Their east side territory consists of old tenements and brownstones as well as modern high-rise apartment and commercial buildings. Several major hospitals are also in their first due area. Searchlight 1 was quartered here from 1955 to 1959. FDR Drive Response Vehicle 1, a 1995 Ford/Saulsbury used for responses to car fires on the FDR Drive was also quartered here. ENGINE 16 haS had four medal winners and 12 unit citations in their 149 year history.

​​Ladder 7

Originally organized on October 11, 1865, in the former quarters of volunteer Washington Hook and

Ladder 9,  at 217 East 28th Street. 

Ladder 7 THEN moved to their current quarters, with Engine Company 16, on August 6, 1968.  Once a rear mount aerial, then a tiller, Ladder 7 became

a  tower ladder in 1978. There are several major hospitals, as well as

old tenements brownstones and many large apartment houses and commercial hi rise in their first-alarm area.  They have had 14 unit citations and 20 medal winners, including a

James Gordon Bennett Medal in 1898.